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In the year 1997, organizing a group of designers and experts in light, sound and video field, we established Fouzhan Electric Gostar Fars Company; and utilizing the advanced equipment and technology of the day, we started our activities throughout the country, particularly in southern provinces. These activities include consultation, designing and implementation of professional light, sound and video systems in different religious, cultural, residential, commercial, and recreational places, audio and video recording studios, amphitheaters, and conference and seminar halls. It should be noted that we did not limit ourselves to use only the Iranian market equipment, but utilizing the products of reputable companies around the world, we succeeded in providing more desirable services and, as a result, wining complete satisfaction of clients.

In the year 2005, the proposal of designing the sound system of Imam Ali’s (PBUH) holy shrine in the city of Najaf, Iraq was introduced by “Reconstruction Organization of holy shrines in IRAN”. Numerous plans from several companies around the world were proposed. After the investigations by the employer, Fouzhan Electric Company was approved. By the Grace of God, the project was given to us, implemented and put into operation.

Regarding the fact that the products of reputable companies all over the world are mostly in non-religious sound system field, we created an exclusive group in Fouzhan company in order to design the equipment according to the type of use, appearance, quality, installation spot and architectural style, and durability in the project site’s climate. Then we convinced the mentioned companies to produce the equipment in accordance with our exclusive design, so that we could have better efficiency in performing the projects.

In 2008, designing and implementation of sound systems of religious places in Karbala, Iraq including the holy shrine of Imam Hossein (PBUH), the holy shrine of Imam Aba-Al-Fazl (PBUH), Beyn-Al-Haramein, Kheime-gah, Tal-e-Zeinabiyeh, and Magham-e-Sahen-Al-Zaman was given to us by “Divan-e-Vaqf-e-Shiite in IRAQ”. Since the use of sound systems in these places, due to the diversity of ceremonies, the mentioned plan was ready after a year of study and investigation. In this plan, while covering the sound in the foresaid places, a radio system centered in Imam Hossein’s (PBUH) shrine was considered in order to facilitate the connection and transmission of sounds wirelessly between these places and the streets leading to the shrine. Following the approval of the plan by “Divan-e-Vaqf-e-Shiite in IRAQ”, the project began in 2012; major parts of which has been accomplished and put into operation, and due to the construction and outspread of new scenes in holy shrines, it is being continued until now.