The paging system of Dr.Gharib salon of Namazi Hospital 2017-09-16T13:42:23+00:00

Project Description

Namazi Hospital is a general, educational and specialized hospital located in Shiraz, Fars, Iran, which with the presence of national and international professors, provides health care to patients of Fars province and also the patients in adjacent provinces. It was founded by Mohammad Namazi in 1950 and it is under supervision of Shiraz University of Medical Science. The paging system of Dr.Gharib salon of this hospital was designed and set up by professional team of Fouzhan Electric Co. in 2006. We did this by utilizing the most advanced equipment and technology of the day, with the goal of creating a calm pleasant atmosphere. Installation of the system has been done in a way that the central sound system can be continuously used 24 hours a day, and the audio messages can be easily heard by patients and hospital staff.